About the Intelligent Vehicle Dependability and Security Project

The IFIP Working Group 10.4 (Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance) has recently undertaken a project on Intelligent Vehicle Dependability and Security (IVDS). Through its workshops, its affiliations with larger conferences, and landmark publications as a group and by many of its members, WG 10.4 has contributed significantly to both R&D and application of highly dependable and secure computing systems.

The vision of the project is the realization of highly dependable and secure operation of intelligent vehicles (IVs), verified and validated with respect to strict dependability (particularly safety) and security requirements by rigorous state-of-the-art methods. The types of vehicle intelligence assumed in the vision are principally those associated with SAE Driving Automation Levels 3-5, per SAE Int'l Recommended Practice J3016. In pursuit of this vision, the project's mission is to facilitate awareness and provide pro bono counsel to both automotive stakeholders and relevant standardization/regulatory bodies.

The goals of the project correspond to acquiring and disseminating knowledge with respect to a number of important concerns regarding dependable and secure IVs, including Measures, Standards, Employment of Machine Learning Algorithms, Key Design Methods, and Assurance and Certification.

Project Events

The First IFIP Workshop on Intelligent Vehicle Dependability and Security (IVDS)

  • Held virtually January 29 to February 1, 2021
  • Goal: Debate and provide arguments on all sides of the following hypothesis: Level 3 autonomous vehicles cannot be made acceptably safe with current technology and practices.

IFIP 60th Anniversary Panel: Autonomous Vehicle Safety and Security: An Information Processing Imperative

  • Held virtually October 18, 2021
  • Panel Focus: discussion of information processing advancements that are imperative to the realization of highly dependable and secure road vehicles and the related societal and ethical issues.

The Second IFIP Workshop on Intelligent Vehicle Dependability and Security (IVDS)

  • Alexandria, Virginia (USA) 23-26 June 2022
  • Workshop Focus: How to Survive Cyber Attacks on Safety-Critical Functions of Intelligent Vehicles
  • Goal: Discuss design solutions, quantitative cyber-survivability measures, and verification and validation with regard to impact on AV safety.

Project Members

Dr. Jaynarayan Lala, jay.lala@rtx.com (Project Lead)
Prof. John Meyer jfm@umich.edu
Prof. Carl Landwehr carl.landwehr@gmail.com
Dr. Charles Weinstock weinstock@conjelco.com
Prof. Homa Alemzadeh ha4d@virginia.edu
Prof. Cristina Nita-Rotaru cnitarot@gmail.com
Dr. Wilfried Steiner wilfried.steiner@tttech.com

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